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The Hazel Tree

Ancient Sacred Food Tree of Knowledge and Inspiration

There are more Hazel Tree’s around than you think!! All over the world, if you know what to look for and what they look like, it is easy to recognize one of these beautiful tree’s.

Take time to spend time in nature and draw on the strength of the HazelTree and all its healing strength. Taking time out to spend a small amount of time in nature can have lasting effects throughout the day. Nature is peaceful, relaxing and healing and a source of inspiration. 

Allow nature into your life and feel the benefit of being surrounded by the strength of nature and the healing properties nature holds. 
Have you ever been for a walk along the beach or coastal path or climbed a mountain and looked out onto the views, to see the beauty of nature and felt all the thoughts you were thinking of simply vanish…

Allow yourself time to just be still and enjoy all the beautiful nature surrounding and allow nature to heal your heart…

Regardless of its height, the Hazel tree has a number of distinguishing characteristics, including:


Some of the Hazel tree’s roots come up to the soil’s surface and branch
into fine lines forming a thicket.


The inconspicuous female flowers eventually grow into small nuts called “filberts.” The nuts are housed in a hairy, leaf-like husk with ragged edges. 


The Hazel’s simple, oval-shaped, dark green leaves have serrated edges.

The leaves turn a fiery red or yellow colour during the fall.


Male flowers, called “catkins” are yellowish-brown, about two inches long
and pendant-shaped. Female blooms are tiny bud-like tufts and barely recognizable.

Plant A HazelTree...

Feel free to book your place to plant a HazelTree.
A lovely gift for a Special Occasion Creates Timeless Memories.